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Introduce your friends to Bacalhau!

Recently, we had some new friends over for dinner and they had never had Bacalhau (Dry Salted Cod). While we do often hear from people that they don’t like Bacalhau. Can you believe it!? Usually we find out that it was due to a bad experience such as it was too salty or they just […]

Invest in good food!

With so many living costs increasing and investments losing value, author (Robert Kiyosaki) of popular finance book “Rich Dad Poor Dad” recommends investing in purchasing food items that have long shelf lifes like canned tuna (Bacalhau would be another you could include in that category. You can read the full article here. We have many options […]

Portuguese Pasta!

In this edition we share with you that we also carry some amazing pasta products from Portugal which also compliment Bacalhau perfectly. Purchase them here – When you think about pasta you might immediately think of countries like Italy (though they are still the largest consumers of pasta in the World). However, Portugal is among […]

Portugal’s Other Top Fish

While Bacalhau by far is the most popular, and common fish served throughout all of Portugal, Portuguese Sardines are the next in line. The best in the world are caught off of the coast of Portugal. During the month of June, for the festival honoring Saint John the Baptist, it is estimated that 13 sardines […]

Azeite Português

Why discuss olive oil on a page dedicated to Bacalhau? The two are synonymous, and a good case can be made that you can only appreciate good Bacalhau with plenty of equally good azeite. The salty rich flavor of Bacalhau seems to absorb the fruity sweetness of olive oil creating a harmonious balance. A couple […]

Newsletter New Format

Thank you for visiting this page and for all of those we are thankful for there loyal business which has made our Bacalhau mission possible. In the past two years we developed the “I Love Bacalhau Newsletter” to send occasional news, tips and information about this wonderful item and one of our most popular products. […]