Dont Drive, Have Quality and Value Delivered to you!

Fuel prices are increasing again, let us deliver our wide selection of delicious food to you.  Save time and money, and take advantage of our special fedex rates.    

(Pricing for Quality Bacalhau in Portugal Currently ranges from $16 to $25 kg ) (1 kg = 2.2 lbs)

Many items are back in stock, and we maintain an edge of price and quality on our products .  Especially the Bacalhau (Salted Cod). See the above photo for current market pricing in Portugal.  Here, you can purchase Bacalhau, and get it delivered to you for as low as $7.14/lb.

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Hurry!!!  We still have a great deal on 35 lbs bulk Center Loins (only).  Those are literally the fillet mignon of the fish. 

We are rearranging our inventory to save on storage costs and continue to provide you with the most affordable Bacalhau without compromising quality!

Dry Salted Cod (Bacalhau) is the perfect item in your arsenal to eat well despite rising food costs. The curing process for salted cod developed centuries ago (before modern refrigeration) makes it more stable for long or short term preservation. Our current inventory is good for at least 2 years stored in a refrigerated temperature controlled environment or in kept in a cool well ventilated area.