Choosing between Boneless Skinless or not?


  • Less Time Desalting and Re-hydrating
    Shorter Time required.
    As little as 15 minutes rinsing depending on your salt preference.
  • Faster Prep Time
    No bones or skin to remove.
  • Good for a 1st Time Bacalhau Preparation and Serving
    For those intimidated by the process and serving it to someone for the first


Less Flavor

  • Typically a shorter curing process for boneless skinless salted cod
    so the flavor is not as concentrated vs using i.e. BomPorto brand
    Portuguese cure.

Thin / Not Thick

  • Boneless and skinless are almost always fillet cuts so while you are
    occasionally getting part of the loin you are mostly getting also the belly
  • Flaky Texture
    Since you are getting a fillet cut and less center loin you rarely get flakes
    that you would find from a steak cut.

  • Not Atlantic/ Norway Fish is usually from the Pacific which due to a
    thicker skin prevents more effective cure and the texture is not as tender
    as that of cod from the Atlantic and /or North Sea (Norway) where our
    Bom Porto brand fish comes from.

    Boneless Salted Cod fish is something uncommon outside of North America.
    Likely because of the additional processing cost necessary to make it boneless
    skinless increases the price along with a minimal cure. For the same price/cost
    bacalhau consumers typically prefer to work with whole cuts.

    While boneless skinless salted cod has a place in cooking Bacalhau we strongly
    encourage you to try the Bom Porto non boneless options we carry. (see bottom
    of email for some of those options)

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