Left Side is the “Central Cut”, and the Right Side is the “Posta Longa”

While typically with any dish you are preparing to make using Bacalhau with skin
and bone is best. The skin and bone help retain the flavor of the fish compared to
using boneless skinless fish. Depending on what dish you will be preparing some
cuts/pieces may work better.

Cutting Demonstration Video:

Choosing and Cutting Dry Salted Cod Bacalhau

1 ) When cutting a whole fish with bone for example, you would start by cutting
off across the top mainly to give your first center loin a nice clean edge.

2) Two Popular Approaches – When working with whole fish here are a couple
popular ways to cut your fish

Above are two popular approaches to cutting a whole Bacalhau.
Cutting down each side of the center loins where the thickest meat ends and the
wings/bellies begin. Typically one side of the loins will have the biggest
transitions from the center loin and the wing/belly piece, while the other side will
have more of a tapered thickness where you must decide where to cut. The side
with the biggest transitions is due to how the fish is initially split before the
cleaning and salting.

3) The cuts also help determine which pieces you group together for the desalting
so as to get a more even salt level.

*You can view our desalting instructions here:

Instructions are in the more details section of each of the salted cod products on
our site. We will cover that topic again in a future edition.

4. Certain cuts are optimal for specific dishes.
Loins/Lombos (Thickest) – Baking, Grilling, or Frying.

Center Cuts/Postas – Shredded in your dish.
(Purchase Center Cuts / Postas here.)

*Loins/Lombos are typically the most desirable cut as long as you are comfortable with the desalting process, and are the easiest to work with, cooked whole or flaking for any type of dish.

See a video here on how easy to debone / flake:

Wings/Asas/Bellies – Frying or Stews

Meaty pieces almost boneless great for any preparation where you are flaking.

Desalted Bacalhau BomPorto (Norway) Boneless Skinless Center Loin Flakes (Frozen) - (Ships Separately)

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Product Details

This is a traditional product. The fish is from Norway and it is salted and cured in Portugal. We have desalted the product in house, par-boiled, removed the skin & bones. May still contain some small bones. This is a traditional product.

How we do it -

These loins, are cut from the center section of the fish. This section is the prime cut of the cod, providing you with thick, moist and succulent fish meat.

Prime Center Cut Dry Salted Cod (Bacalhau/Bacalao) - Soaked / Desalted Frozen ready to cook. No additional soaking desalting necessary. No additional boiling necessary. Has moderate salt level. Just defrost and bake, fry or cook with the flakes.

Norwegian Fish with dry cure then desalted and frozen. A new popular way to enjoy this item convenient so you can enjoy more quickly or without the process.

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