A delicacy centuries old!

Bacalhau was developed and consumed since the time of
long ocean crossings and before refrigeration and is today a delicacy
popular throughout the world from Africa to Europe, the Americas, and the Caribbean.

Most importantly in Bacalhau involves the selection of the fish and the curing process to
maximize the possibilities and flavor.

Curing processes have varied from salt and air drying (for varying
amounts of time.) The longer the drying process in salt and in the air
the better the cure.

What makes a cure good?

Lots of salt and time drying which leads just the right
amount of low moisture.
The curing facilities in Portugal and in Norway ensure that a
nice amount of fresh sea salt is laid upon the center of the fish
but that some salt covers all of the fish to ensure curing. Just as
when you place the fish in water to remove the salt. The salt
covering the fish during the curing process will remove the
moisture from the fish.

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Order some from BuyPortuguesefood.com
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Low Moisture improves and helps to maintain shelf

While salt is know for its antimicrobial properties killing some
types of bacteria by essentially sucking the water out of them,
there exists some bacteria which is resistant to this and that is
where why lower moisture is better. Bacteria thrives on
moisture and temperature fluctuations when you have more
moisture and more temperature fluctuations bacteria can
thrive, grow and destroy even salted fish.

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Is dark or yellowish color bacalhau mean good, bad,

Most people do prefer the appearance of salted cod with a
lighter / whiter coloration. But for that to occur it means that
the codfish gets a lesser cure. Proper curing involves a heavy
salting process, plus good drying process. These two steps
give the fish a light yellow coloration and a unique flavor.

The images below show a loin that is not as light in color or attractive as some may want. However, you can see the progression as we soaked it – the color was restored to its natural state, the blemish disappeared and an elegant meal was made.

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A better cure also concentrates the flavor.
For market reasons this is one of the reasons when you shop for
salted fish you may see a range of pricing per lb. Since this product is
priced by the weight. The amount of moisture weighs on the price.

This item developed and consumed since the time of long ocean crossings. Portuguese mariners and explorers were sustained by salted cod which provided preserved sustenance on the long sea trips around the world. It is now a delicacy and popular throughout the world from Europe to Central and South America and the Caribbean.

There are thousands of recipes for preparing this salted delicacy from boiled, to grilled, baked, and fried.

The preparation process normally involves the preparer to soak the fish for up to 3 days or par boil for 30 minutes or more to rehydrate and remove enough salt to ones taste preference.

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