Sliced Iberico Jamon De Bellota (2 oz) (IMPORTED)

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Jamon (from Spain)

Jamon Iberico by Finca Helechal (Iberico and Also Available Iberico De Bellota-Acorn Fed (The Best))


Our Grain-fed free range Ibérico is 100% Ibérico, fed on grains, grasses and all that nature provides. Also known as the “Kobe beef of pork” because of its intense marbling, flavors and uniqueness, the FERMIN Ibérico ham is the first authentic Ibérico to enter the US market. Cured for a minimum of 36 months, this Ibérico ham…melts in your mouth

Size: 2oz/57g
Origin: Salamanca, Spain

Cortes Presunto Portugues
Cured Portuguese Ham -
Size: 4oz/114g/11+ Slices
Origin: Portugal

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Vacuum-packed allows the consumer to enjoy our products in the most convenient way, making it easier to keep them in excellent condition without having to worry about climate conditions. However, it is important to open the container an hour before consumption, in order for the product to reach room temperature and to bring out all its flavor.

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