Bom Petisco Solid Tuna in Olive Oil [BULK] 30 Cans (Free Shipping this Item) EXPIRE 4 2027

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The history of Portugal’s most popular canned food brand, Bom Petisco, is as special as its tuna.

Over 50 years of Bom Petisco

On the island of São Miguel, the production of Bom Petisco has a history which is over 50 years old. This is the story written by the hands of our employees, who, every day, prepare the fish, to make the best petisco* available to all – our tuna. It is thanks to them that every can contains a guarantee of Azorean tradition – unbeatable fish, prepared following the recipe passed through generations.

The Tuna.

There are several types of tuna that inhabit the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Amongst them, the Skipjack tuna (Katsuwonus pelamis) is favoured by Bom Petisco.

A great swimmer, tuna stands out for its elongated and fusiform body. The ancient Greeks called tuna thynō, which means “to rush”, because of its speed. Today, we know that some species of tuna can reach speeds of 70km/h and can travel up to 170km a day, always in schools of fish. Even more than whales!

Bom Petisco preserves the good stuff

In our factory, skillful hands prepare and cook the tuna, which is then preserved in oil, olive oil or brine, and sterilized. Without the use of any preservatives, the result is 100% natural canned fish, highly nutritious and with a flavor that lasts over time.

*Petisco – a small dish; snack

Preserving the ocean.

Because sustainability in fishing is important at Bom Petisco, fishing in the Azores is regulated by strict criteria for the protection of the marine ecosystem. Fishing takes place in collaboration with the POPA – the Azores fishery observation programme – a project for monitoring and controlling fishing. The aim is to ensure that no dolphin is harmed by our fishing activity. The protection of dolphins and sustainability of the sea are guaranteed by the “Friend of the Sea” status, which aims to reduce the human impact on the marine ecosystem.

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