0.5 LB - Fermin Iberico Salchichon 200gr (Catalonian Style Dry Salami) (IMPORTED)

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The subtle combination of spices, the perfect combination of noble pork meats that transmit smoothness and texture in mouth. And, above all, due to the perfect balance between all its aromas: fresh and sophisticated, ephemeral and persistent, turning the experience of tasting it into a pleasure overflowing with hues and nuances.

Salchichon de Vic (Catalonian Style Dry Salami)

Sausage prepared with select meat from (black Iberico) pigs, salt and black pepper, following the traditional production process in the Catalonian area of Plana de Vic, with a minimum curing time of 45 days.
With minced pork, salt and black pepper are added.

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