To enjoy this magnicicent fish it is intimidating for some or atleast at first but after a few times actually very easy to prepare with certainty therafter.

The steps include –

  1. Choosing good fish
  2. Using Boneless Skinless or with skin and bone
  3. Desalting & Rehydrating
  4. Then there are literally thosands of ways to enjoy it….

2 LBS - Dry Salted Cod BomPorto (Bacalhau) - Bits / Ventresca

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Salted Cod Bits (Typically from Bellies)

Contains some skin and bones.

Storage: While still salted, keep in the refrigerator for use within a few months for product you plan to use longer than that store in the freezer.

Desalting Guide Below

Before consumption, salted fish products must be desalted. The length of the desalting process depends on the thickness of the fish and on how long it has been cured, but is as much as 3 days for the thickest pieces. For the boneless skinless pieces or product typically only 1 day of desalting is necessary.

To achieve the best result we have provided these simple guidelines for the desalting process.

1. Take the precut portion of codfish and rinse excessive salt under the tap.

2. Place the fish in a large bowl of water. A general rule is three times as much water as fish. The bowl of fish should be kept in cool conditions, around 43 - 47 degrees Fahrenheit during the whole process.

3. Change the water once a day.

4. Some of the thinner cuts of the fish are ready to be cooked after 2 days . For the thickest cuts we recommend 3 days. After this process either cook or you may freeze for future use / ready to cook.

Desalting Instructions per the packaging

In refrigerator, soak (1 lb) of the salted fish in 6 cups of fresh water. Change the water 3 times during the day. Then parboil the fish in 6 cups of fresh water for 7-10 minutes. Then drain the water.

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